Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the boys.

listen, these boys are an interesting breed.
they are a mix of rough & tumble and super sensitive.
they like jumping.
they like to push boundaries.
they like to be messy and wild.

but they also like to be together.
they like to snuggle.
they like to tickle.
they like to growl at each other and laugh.
they like to wrestle and giggle and pretend to fall on each other.
they like to hide under pillows and blankets and pretend they are in a fort in the middle of a great battle.
they have a style all their own, a language all their own, a love all their own.

i can only imagine how crazy things are going to be when we add another boy to this famiy.
crazy indeed.
crazy good.
my boys.


Megan said...

Too sweet! I used to nanny for two little boys and still love them dearly. The oldest is now in middle school and the youngest in late elementary, but I remember those days well. They LOVED to play together and now that they're all grown up I hope to have a few baby boys of my own!

jeana said...

Love this post! I'm a bit partial as a mommy to 3 of em :)