Thursday, January 12, 2012

just to remember...

tonight anna finally lost her front tooth.
it has been hanging on by a thread for a few weeks and frankly, it was annoying me.
well, tonight, as we were eating dinner at my mom and dad's house, she bit into a piece of bread and it was a dangling, bloody mess.
she saw the blood and lost her mind.
i walked her to the bathroom and while pretending to try and stop the blood, i gave the tooth a teeny tiny tug and out it fell.
tears turned into smiles and the boohooing, like a switch being flipped, stopped instantly.
thanks be to God.


i was in the bathroom this afternoon while josh and ben were playing.
all of a sudden, loud screaming squeals were heard echoing through the house.
it was soooo LOUD.
i ran out to find ben laughing and running.
i asked josh, "what was that squealing??"
josh smiled and said, "those were squeals of JOY, mom!"


it is freezing here and snowed all evening.
we were still at my folks for dinner, and the kids were acting loud and wild (are you seeing a theme here?!).
josh and anna were picking on each other and anna started acting sassy, sassier than her normal sassy.
my dad wasn't having any of it.
he told her, "if you don't stop that, i'll go outside and throw your tooth in the snow and you'll never be able to find it!"
i was shocked and surprised he would say something like that.
and then i got hysterical laughing.
i guess he told her.


that's all for tonight.
i need sleepy.


Anonymous said...

hope the tooth fairy is super sweet to you Anna!

Sadie said...

Hahahah, had to laugh at your tooth comments b/c we have the SAME boohooing going on in our house too. She let the nurse pull the tooth, but not her parents! Your dad sounds like my dad! Oh, and btw.... sequels of joy are the BEST!