Wednesday, January 4, 2012

just a few things.

we mailed out some more adoption documents to be officially apostilled (sealed).
then it's off to davis' country.
happy dance!


ben was a crying mess this afternoon.
i still have no idea why.
he was mis-er-a-ble.


anna and josh have been singing the macarena dance song (from a million years ago).
do you remember that song?
funny stuff.
josh makes up his own words, his own dance moves and then finishes with, "oh, macaroni!"
i showed them the real dance on youtube and they were mesmerized.


josh keeps asking me over and over again, "do you like me? do you love me?"
where is this coming from?


report cards come home tomorrow.
dun dun dun...we'll see who earns video game time and who doesn't.


are your kids obsessed with club penguin too?
i don't get it.
i watch them laugh and have fun playing on that website but i still don't get it.


it is really, really cold outside.
maybe you need a new cowl or scarf or hat?
stay tuned. my friend tricia and i are working on some fun things for our new etsy shop.
it should be up and running in a couple of weeks.
(lots of nail biting goin on over here!!!!!!)


anyways, just trying to stay busy enough to distract my every waking thought off of davis.
trying to stay energized enough to keep those winter blues at bay.
trying to stay disciplined enough to not continue the yucky eating habits i made over christmas break.
trying to get back into a happy blogging routine.
just trying.
you know?

at least a new parenthood was on this week.
that helped.


Ashley said...

yep - a new episode of parenthood always helps. love your chaotically organized pile of paperwork. i remember those days...keep pushing through. he'll be in your arms before you know it!

jeana said...

Parenthood was welcomed back here an old friend ha! I hope your little guy is feeling better today, so hard when there are days like that and we don't know why. Excited for the day to come when you have all your babies home!

Jason said...

I think that Josh keeps asking if you love him because report cards come out on Friday...