Thursday, January 19, 2012


it's kinda been a weird week.
poor benny boy has been sick.
i think it's a virus, but man alive, it sure is hanging around for a long time.
last night john and i were both worried about him, then this morning he wakes up hungry and ornery right from the start!
this is where having a nonverbal kid really throws a wrench in the system.
if only he could tell us what hurts...
anyways, little prayers would be extremely helpful!

work is weird too.
i feel so easily distracted and it's been really difficult to concentrate.
i have such a short attention span...shorter than usual anyways.
finding myself thinking of davis all the time, praying for his wellness and health, praying for the Lord to calm my anxious heart.

soooo, anyways....
i bought myself a new case for my iphone and it's fab.
love, love, love!
it's the little things in life, i tell ya!
i do need to know though, since when are phone cases so pricey?
i also loved these cases too. (it was so hard to choose!)

let's see, what else is new?
i got nothing.
just the same old same old for this thursday morning.
have a great day.


Kimberly said...

I'm glad your boy is feeling better :)

Laura said...

anxiety and a short attention span love me.
they hang around all of the time.
pisses me off.

how about BIG prayers for you today?
I seriously need to empty me of ME today...and I am happy to offer up my day and thoughts and trials and joys for you...davis...and the health of your family.

I know about weird...
and it is never a fun place to be in...

so count on some prayers...


Tara said...

Love you! Love that you go from serious to silly in the space of a period! :)

Praying for you. I can totally relate to all of it, including the new phone case. Eon seems to have some kind of crappy virus all the time, anymore, and the non-verbal thing really sucks when your kid's sick.

I can't stop thinking about our kid across the sea, even though I don't even know who that is...and I've never been able to concentrate on anything.

All that to say, I'll be praying for you...ALL of you!

jeana said...

Absolutely praying for Ben, and your heart. I know the feeling with a non verbal child. praying for wellness and peace!