Tuesday, January 17, 2012

pottery barn, the torture.

oh man, the pottery barn spring and summer catalogs are out.
they are filled with such temptations.
over-priced, gloriously styled, beautiful images...
oh the torture.

sometimes i feel like i am their one and only target audience.

i daydream through the catalog pages, dog-earring all my favorite pages.

these people are geniuses.

i really dream about making my home a pretty, light-filled, stylish and homey place.
this pictures are an inspiration.

soooooo, what stores and catalogs inspire YOU?
tell me! i would love to know!


Tara said...

Me, too. And then I look at my seven kids and laugh and laugh! ;)

Shannon said...

don't worry you are not alone, they want ALL of my money too! I love that place but they are soooo overly priced it's ridiculous.

Shelly said...

No matter how many organizational inspiration pieces I see in catalogs...In my home, shoes are still left all over the mudroom, toys and books are strewn around the family room, and clothes continue to be that one item that never makes it to the closets...a girl can dream can't she?

stephanie said...

Hi I actually worked at pb for 5 years (I left two years ago) I worked 1 day a week for 4 hours...strictly for the amazing 40percent employee discount. Then a new manager came along and started enforcing the rule that every employee must be available for a weekend shift. Even 40 percent off is not worth missing your child's sports on the weekends:) anyway, from what I have seen of your home....it is every last bit as beautiful as those pb photos....seriously!

Kimberlee said...

And Ballard.
Between the two, I wouldn't need another store, just cash. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Pottery barn too, but honestly between the kids, the dogs and the hubby it's useless.

Ashley said...

yesssss...light filled is right. where in the heck does all that stinkin' light come from?!