Tuesday, February 7, 2012

catching up.

i spent a rainy saturday doing a little bit of shopping with my mom and anna.
we decided to grab lunch at a fun little cafe and anna loved it.
she loves to be treated to a little girl-time.
(really, who doesn't?)

the rest of the day was spent snuggling on the couch.
we were all pretty much under a quilt for the entire night.
it was cozy and warm, and eventually, anna and i moved upstairs to my bed where we watched decorating shows until we fell asleep.
ahhhh. so nice.

sunday was busy with sunday school and cleaning the house and cooking food for the super bowl.
in the afternoon josh flipped his bike off of our neighbor's bike ramp, and the bike landed on top of him.
he was scared, crying, and covered with mud.

i thought, for a few moments there, that he had broken his arm.
thankfully he was just covered in bumps and bruises--with a ginormous raspberry on his arm.
i took the opportunity to get some extra snuggles from my growing boy who hates to let his mom love all over him.
he let me hold him and hug him and kiss his head a jillion times.
i think we both needed it.

yesterday we found out that anna needs glasses.
it's officially official.
we ordered her up a pair of purple glasses with pink and purple flowers on the sides.
if my baby girl needs glasses, well then, she's going to have cool ones.
can't wait to show you how cute she looks in them.

ben boy is a mess.
he's boogery and snotty and full of crud.
but he's still running at full speed and doesn't let his runny nose slow him down one bit.
i just need to bottle that energy.
and stock up on the reserves--'cause Lord knows i need some of that.
i am T I R E D.

how are you?
y'all doing ok out there?

well, the sun is up, the birds are a-singing, and the coffee cup is empty.
time to refuel and get moving for today.
here's to hoping it's a good one!


Kate@SongsKateSang said...

praying for you to get some rest and for healing for Ben. Hugs!

Kimberly said...

Nothing like a little girl time ... we all love it & need it. Thankfully your Josh is fine - having raised two sons myself, I remember well those day (& oh how I miss them!) Praying your sweet Ben gets over the crud soon. Can't wait to see Anna in her glasses ... I feel certain she'll be very cool! Things here in WV are well - loving the unseasonably warm temps - I praise God daily for the warmth! :)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

That eatery looks like such a neat place. And I love how your girl loves to spend time with her momma...watching decorating shows and everything.
Im soaking up all the love my girls(6 & 8) will give me right now. I know before too many years things may change quite a bit in that department(hopefully not though:))

meg duerksen said...

that cafe looks AMAZING!!!

Laura said...

Im with Meg...amazing cafe!

So, how am I doing?
Thank you for asking. Husband is out of town this week...and next week...and nobody has asked me how I am.

since you asked..

today, I am good.
Yesterday? Depressed.
The day before? Really down.

But today? Much better!!!

Thanks for asking :-)

and my girl got glasses too...and we picked the lenses that are NOT on our insurance plan..because they looked good and she loved them and they go on her FACE. Enough said.