Wednesday, February 8, 2012

thoughts from a tired momma.

it seems like as if people are just now awaking from their winter/holiday slumber.
my phone at work is ringing off the hook.
emails are multiplying and so is my to-do list.
the children have school projects that require lots of my time.
i spend way too much time at the grocery store.
i am trying to keep the household running, the new etsy shop running, work stuff running, the blog, the adoption, squeeze in my bible studies, feed my desire to make and craft and rearrange and do, etc.

being a woman today is exhausting.
and i am not taking very good care of myself.
i know that i need time for exercise, and healthy meal planning and eating, and for daily devotions.
i need this time.
so what do i leave out?
what gets the chopping block so that i can make time for myself?

oh these struggles are weighing heavily on this tired momma's mind.
i have a suspicion that many of you are struggling too.
but we do a pretty good job at covering it up, don't we?
why is it that we refuse to ask for help, that we don't lean on one another as much as we should?
i am sooo much better at complaining about everything than actually DOING something positive to make a permanent change.

i'm working on it.
i have a lovely and caring God.
whom i rely on heavily, for everything.
when i shift my focus to Him, things seem so much easier.
i am trying to take care of me.
and to make time for me too.
i want to be the best 'me' i can be.


{cuppakim} said...

i'm not even a mama but feeling this today. this week. this month. this year.

feeling like i have to do it all, but can't.

and i SHOULDN'T.

what does that look like practically? not sure.
working on that myself.

praying for you friend!

Colleen said...

I'm new to your blog so you don't really "know" me but I could not agree more. I have two little ones, work full-time and am constantly trying to find balance in my life. It's a challenge to find the time to fit in the things I have to do as well as the things I want to do.

Shannan said...

copy, paste. It is so true! I say we all get to stay home as much as we want, only go to work when we want, but still make the same money!!!! God doesnt give you more than you can handle! Sometimes I wonder though!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Yup, we always set ourselves on the backburner and before we know it, its easy to forget who we are and what we want.
I routinely have to slow myself down, take a hot bubble bath(something I love), read a book that I chose, get some alone shopping time. Whatever it is, we all have things we'd choose to do if we had a day to ourselves.
Im loving that print...great colors!

ParkerMama said...

I'm learning the hard way the pitfalls of trying to do it all. You simply can't. And it's okay.

Laura said...

This changed my life:
I organized my life around "the five Ps" in my life..the thins that are important in my life, and require my attention.

first P: prayer
second P: person (me!)
third P: Partner
fourth P:Parent
fifth P: Provider

I pray first, then I take care of myself (which actually, the morning prayer IS taking care of me, before I even get out of bed), then I care for my husband, THEN the children

we do have the time to do it all
maybe not all at once
maybe not all equally
but I believe that in this "5 P's" order, our lives regain order...we are the best version of ourselves and able to be so much better in every moment of our every day.

sometimes not doing it all IS our best too :-)

that said?
I am exhausted

Laura said...

the THINGS that are important

although being thin was once way too important to me


Lisa said...

You can lean on me anytime. I can't do it all, all the time, either. Much love to you xoxo