Monday, February 13, 2012

in no particular order.

it's freezing outside.
i have spent way too much time cuddled up on my couch watching tv.
we are all using this weekend to catch up on some much needed REST.

anna's glasses came in already!
she is killing me with the big girl look she has going on now.

ben is officially 100% potty trained.
i love squishy little boy hineys in little boy underpants.
oh they make me happy!

we love the show word world on pbs.
all of you out there with littles need to dvr this show.

i spent friday afternoon cleaning the living room and kitchen like a mad man.
i even rearranged the furniture!
and now, less than 48 hours later, i am ready to move it all back.
please tell me i'm not the only one like this.

we received an email last night from our adoption agency.
our registration dossier is in country and is being translated.
maybe this is really going to happen after all...
we are praying for the strength to gather the rest of our court dossier documents and for the judge to be happy with what we can provide.
we are also praying that in the mean time, davis is receiving extra assistance and love in preparing him for all the changes that will be coming his way.
we pray that God softens and readies his heart for the strangers that will soon be his forever family.
we are so anxious to provide for him!

my little monkey, ben boy, has really become a daddy's boy lately.
he wants to be by john's side every chance he can--even when john goes to the bathroom.
i know john is eating it up!

josh went to space camp/aviation challenge all week.
what a special opportunity for him!
he graduated on friday and made us so proud!

i want to make THIS to eat with dinner tonight.
it's pretty stinkin' yummy.
but that will require me getting up off my behind and out from under my cozy blankets and going to the dreaded grocery store!
oh well, better get moving.
a girl can't live on cereal forever...especially when we're out of milk now too.


Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

I just made that salad after you CW girls talked about it so much; was disappointed that my family didnt seem to like it. Does that ever happen to you?(You take the time to make something, they dont like it, you get frustrated)? I wish I wasnt like that but I am. Just being honest.

ckbrylliant said...

What i really want to know is how/why in the world you have an off white sofa!!!!!????? That would last, oh, 1.6 seconds in this house!! Congratulations to Ben!

Kimberlee said...

Love the new glasses.
Purple---so hot!
Ella has purple glasses too!

Laura said...

I am out of milk too.
know what I did?
since my husband has been traveling all month, I figured I only need just enough milk for my coffee.
so while getting my latte, I ordered a cup of non fat milk.
too lazy to hit the grocery store.
(or perhaps exhausted?)

but I am realizing now that I have no wine...
and even though I am a single mama on valentines day...
I might not be too lazy for the wine shop...

priorities, you know.