Friday, February 24, 2012

my two angels.

i am not very good at putting together any kind of coherent thoughts these days.
i have spent lots of time coordinating more updates to our registration documents.
we have kissed our official registration appointment date goodbye and now have no idea when it will be.
insert sad face here.
but it'll be ok, i just know it.
God is in control and it will happen in His time.
we have faith and that's all we need!

y'all, i don't know if i've written about it here before, but there are two lovely ladies in particular that are going through this wild adoption process with me and they are nothing less than heaven-sent.
today, especially today, when we are all struggling with keeping our eyes fixed on the prize, i just wanted to say a sincere "THANK YOU!" to them.

jaime always writes me the most perfectly timed and perfectly needed messages. 
she has had to wait a ridiculous amount of time to receive her completed home study.
but while she has waited, through countless donations, her family has been fully-funded!
her son isaac is such a blessing to so many people--and they haven't even met him yet!
they are just those kind of people, the good, genuine, real-deal kind.
their wait and struggle is not for nothing. i know the Lord is using their family to make a difference already!

danielle stays on the phone with me waaaaay longer than any normal person would ever want to, and she is the very first person i turn to with any questions and gripes.
she has six children but has the heart to be a momma to many, many more!
her love knows NO end.
she is patient, she is kind, she is such a daughter of God.
when i am at my worst, eyes bubbling over and throat closed with sadness, she calls me and showers me with prayer.
have you ever had anyone pray for you, hold your hand (figuratively), bow their head, and speak to the Lord on your behalf?

that is a true friend!

thank you jaime and danielle.
i love you both very, very much and i thank the Lord daily for you.

i hope y'all will continue to pray for the kelley family, the farley family and for us too.
the adoption process is really wearing on us and we all are so desperate to meet our little loves!
we covet your prayers!


Lasso the Moon said...

I just want you to know that your trust in the Lord in the face of setbacks is inspiring and a true testimony of the Holy Spirit in your life. Thank you for that. I know we don't actually know each other, but I pray for you and your family frequently, and I just read a book that reminded me of you. It's called "7" by Jen Hatmaker. I know you are busy, but if you find a few minutes, you might pick up a copy. Quick read.
That's all for now!
lassothemoonshop at gmail dot com

Kate said...

Dearest Amy, you got it. Lots of hugs and prayers are coming your way.

J said...

oh my goodness. Just read this sweetest post EVER! Love you so much dearest Amy!!

Danielle said...

Amy, I love you to! While it has been extremely hard I am so thankful for this journey because the blessings I have found in having true friends like you and Jaime. If I were to come out of this without my son I would still praise my God for what I have gained in you both.