Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i likey.

the psych exams went fine.
so happy to check that off the list!
i am checking into getting all of us a group rate.


there is so much beauty and inspiration on the web.
today i found jeanne's gorgeous art studio.
i don't make "real" art of any kind, but man, i would love a space like this.

i found a website called noonday from carissa.
love the products, love the colors, love the purpose.
last night i bought kampala with love necklace (totally love the red) and a bangle bracelet.
i think i'll take them to eastern europe with me.
so happy.
now i know what to get all of the ladies in my life for their birthdays.

it's not fair.
not one bit.
julie posts this incredible recipe for nutella stuffed peanut butter cookies.
and then she decides to give up sugar for lent.
well, at least she was kind enough to share the recipe with us.
i guess we'll have to eat them in her honor.

photo by julie at joy's hope

and one last thing...
not about necklaces or decorating or special sweets.
but about matters of the heart.

please tell me you read adeye's post about REDEMPTION.
it is uplifting and purposeful and for me, a source of encouragement.
"And so I ask anything impossible for the Lord God Almighty?  Anything at all?"


Laura said...

through HIM all things are possible :-)

and that art studio is fabulous.
I'd be really jealous right now, ya know..if we didn't just begin Lent.

paige said...

hi amy
thank you for giving a shout out to noonday!!
blessings to you today

Karen Somers said...

Another good cry at work.....I'm just going to stop putting on mascara. Thanks for sharing the Redemption link - more direction on where to send prayers, money, support and visual proof (to share with others) that adoption is a miracle we perform.