Monday, February 20, 2012


john's folks were visiting with his sister jenny.
went to mom and dad's for a delicious homecooked meal with lots of talking, laughing and carrying on.
came home, watched soul surfer, put kids to bed.
ready for bed early myself.

john's parents head to florida for the week.
i head to work for a couple of hours to catch up.
john and the kids stay home and play.
came home early after rushing over to our social worker's office to pick up another adoption document gone awry.
thank the Lord for the fedex place right up the road from our house and the nice man that works there.
document on its way to our agency to be expedited and sent to davis' country asap.
chill out on the sofa with the kids, watch toy story 2 and tinkerbell, and eat leftovers.
everyone seems tired but content to curl up together on the sofa.
consider maybe buying another sofa--our family is getting too big for just one.
john doesn't feel well and spends half the night in the urgent care center.
he comes home and we head to bed.
too cold to be up anyway.

it's cold.
it's rainy.
it's a sweatshirt and thick sock and potato soup kind of day.
we lounge and i do laundry and the kids play.
john is getting better but still tired.
the grandparents stop by with chicken for the kids.
they are way too good to us.
we all watch home alone 2 and listen to the children giggle.
after the kids head to bed, i stay up entirely too late watching devil wears prada and pride and prejudice.
head to bed LATE.

late morning.
john let me sleep till almost 10am!!
no sunday school so we plan a trip to target.
just anna and i.
we hit starbucks first then spend two hours browsing and filling the cart.
she loves it almost as much as i do.

we get two bags of popcorn to take home to the boys.
we buy new bathing suits and swim goggles even though it's 40 degrees out and raining.
come home and chill.
josh heads to a birthday party sleepover.
i receive a few emails from our agency.
more documents that might have some issues.
i want to cry.
i do cry.
can't sugarcoat it.
we head to nan and pop's and take them chinese food for dinner.
we leave anna to spend the night and come home tired.
ben head to bed, john heads to bed, i stay up late watching walk the line.

wake up early.
ben is in a great mood.
it's so quiet here.
john is at work, josh at his friends, anna at nan's.
weird and quiet.
ben and i eat bagels and cream cheese together.
i tell ben that we will need to wash his hands (covered in cream cheese).
so he takes a break from eating to do just that.
he's a trip, this little one of mine.
finish eating and fire up the computer while ben plays on the ipad.
good time to quickly blog about the weekend--glad i did.

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