Tuesday, February 21, 2012


today john and i have appointments to see a psychiatrist.
we must have psychiatric evaluations done as part of our required documentation for our adoption.
wild, right?

so this afternoon, i was filling out some of the patient forms and well, i couldn't help but laugh.
it isn't funny HA HA...or is it?
see what i mean?

"Please check all of the following symptoms or thoughts that apply to you at this time or during the past six months:

depressed mood
diminished interests or pleasure
sleep disturbance
change in appetite
pleasure in few activities
weight change
excessive worry
i feel like i'm losing control
poor concentration
feelings of panic
socially withdrawn
use of alcohol"

ummmm, really?
should i just check them all?
i don't know one single person who couldn't check at least a handful of these.
what are they trying to say?

maybe i should become a regular patient here.


Shannan said...

It should be more like a "rank these in order" from most prevelent to least...that is crazy!

Laura said...

I should TOTALLY be in therapy RIGHT NOW.

I actually was in therapy...

for years...

I was a sick pup

now I am just insane!!! :-)

Molly said...

Therapy is SO helpful. I think pretty much everyone should be seeing a shrink! It's just helpful and it's always good to work out your issues. but I'm about to go to grad school to be a psychologist... so I'm just a little biased!

Megan said...

Oh goodness! I should be in therapy with you.