Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday. at least i think it is.

these past few days have been weird.
not weird as in strange, but weird as in a bunch of weird stuff coming up and leaving me breathless.
adoption is a wild ride.
it is full of twists and turns.
we continue to tread water but man, it is making us both so tired!

i love these mustard yellow flowers from walmart.

john's gall bladder is acting wonky.
the doctor is running all sorts of test on it and he had a dye test today.
i sure hope he's ok--and not just because spider season is coming upon us and i need him around to kill those suckers.
don't think i haven't thought about that.
i hope he's ok because i need him.
plain and simple, that's all.

we've had some really warm days lately.
the kind where you think spring is actually right around the corner and you spend an entire afternoon running around with flipflops and a tee shirt on only to awake the next morning and freeze your buttukis off.
yes, buttukis is a word.
even if spell check keeps underlining it.
spell check is a pain in my buttukis.

i have fred flintstone feet.  i'm ok with that.

i gave up cussing for lent.
and at 10:46 am on ash wednesday (the first day of lent) i cussed.
and then i proceeded to cuss three more times within the hour.
completely on accident!
hence the reason why i gave up cussing.
i'm doing better.
i've only cussed a few more times but even then it was subconscious.
that's it! i'm a subconscious cusser!
sorry if i offend you.
i also use the word butukis.
is that offensive too?

those little sprouts will be daisies one day.

let's see, what else...
well the school nurse called today.
i hate when i see the school's phone number on my caller id.
i freeze.
i panic.
what happened??
and then i answer it's no big deal.
today's call was because anna was accidentally kicked in the face on the slide.
she now has a big red mark on her cheek.
of course she does--she has gymnastic pictures in one hour.
of course.

awake my soul.  that is such a beautiful thing to ask.

every time buck barks, ben barks after him.
they just did it and it reminded me to tell you.
buck barked woof woof!.
ben barked woof!.
this is important, funny stuff that you MUST know.
that's why i'm a blogger.
bringing you the most up-to-date info!

p.s. two weeks ago (so not up-to-date, sorry), a drawing anna made was shown on the news.
it was adorable.
she was thrilled.
you need to know that too.

p.s.s. the season finale of parenthood is on tonight.
i don't want to get into the question of why or how the heck could it possibly be the season finale (in february for goodness sake!), but i will tell you that i have my box of tissues ready.


Shannan said...

I have Parent Hood finale on my calender! I have to stay up till 11pm to watch it. I usually dvr it but I don't think I can wait that long!!! And the gall bladder...piece of cake. My is adios...gone! I was a new person the next day!!!

Ashley said...

ohhhh Parenthood. I don't know how I'll make it to September without it. What will happen to the Luncheonette? Will Zeek be okay? And the baby! What about the baby?! Oh - and Crosby and Jasmine...!!!

September, come quick!!

Kate said...

Wow! Things are kinda WoNkY here too :( In fact I am also having gall bladder issues. At least we are hoping that is all it is. Went to the doctor today. But you know, everything is a process. You can't ever get an answer the day you go in.

Parenthood is what I live for....it makes me feel normal. I am freaking out that it is the season finale? Speaking of cussing.....WTH?

Lent is so hard. I guess that is why is is truly a sacrifice to give something up. I gave up sugar last year along with my hubby. It was sooooo hard. No pop, lemonade, sweet tea, cookies, candy, ice cream...but we did it. And I thought I was going to die. Habits like cussing are so hard to break. Trust me. I know. But we are human. And we make mistakes. And we sin.

Stay strong! Davis needs you!

Emily said...

I love the randomness... it is real and makes me feel at home. Just wanted to say thanks!

Laura said...

I love Parenthood but gave up on it a few weeks ago...no DVR and I am just too tired to stay awake.

And you can never ever ever offend me.
You know that, thought, I am sure....