Thursday, March 1, 2012

i. am. random. hear. me. blabber.

yesterday afternoon, my car wouldn't start.
i think my car, like me, is feeling a bit exhausted.
i frantically called john, then my parents, then brother jay.
they each came to my rescue and all was well.
then on the way home, i drove with sunglasses on, through the rain.
yucky car, sunshine and rain--together.
told ya it's been a weird week.


today for lunch i ate a lean cuisine meal and a piece of chocolate cake.
they even each other out, don't ya think?
makes total sense to me.

almost all of the kitchen towels have sold from the etsy shop so we are making more.
nana is ironing as i type.
good nana.
she loves the irons.

i am an email machine today.
think it? email it.
checked it? email it.
did it? email it.
i'm all over the email.
i think i can now type approximately 5034 words per minute.
maybe i should email somebody that fact.


i just discovered that i seem to have gotten chocolate all over my computer mouse.
and now it's all over my keyboard too.
nothing worse than chocolate skids on your mouse.
i need a baby wipe!
this chocolate is outta control!!!!
ok, i'm back.
i think i got it all.

where were we...well, i guess we were going nowhere today.
some days are like that.

found this on one of anna's folders. she's awesome.

have you read this post by shannan?
it is so good.
it's not about decorating or recipes or the latest fashion.
it's about seeing your life as all it can be, all it can do, all it is asked to do.
i couldn't make it through the entire thing without seeing davis' face in my mind.
and without hearing the Lord so clearly, it was as if He was speaking to all of us.
read it. watch it.
you will love it.
and it's so much better than this random rambling i've been doing all day.

1 comment:

Laura said...

i happen to enjoy your rambling.
I speak fluent ramble.

you know...actually you don't I am about to let you and Davis were on my mind a lot yesterday....and I even meant to e mail you to let you know....but I didn't...but now I am...

fluent ramble