Monday, March 26, 2012


i know, right?
i should have warned you.
sweetness overload.

i love this kid.
and his pouty, sleepy lips.
and the way he smiles.
and the way he giggles.
and the way he likes to jump when he's supposed to be walking.
and the way his hiney is so squishy.
i love him so much it's ridiculous.

today ben boy is FIVE years old.
can you believe that?
and i love him more now than i ever have.
he's amazing.
and he just SHINES.
oh how he shines!

happy birthday, ben jupin.
we love you bunches.


J said...

Happy Birthday Ben!! You ARE so sweet xo

I Just Love You said...

happy birthday sweet boy.

Kimberlee said...

Happy Birthday to Ben!
Champagne for MOM to celebrate?!

j*e*n said...

Happy birthday, Ben!!

Laura said...

THOSE LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

Oh, so very sweet. Happy, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ben. Sweet celebrations all around for turning 5. As Sarah would say, "SOOOOO Big!"

Shelly said...

Sorry, Amy, I accidentally hit the anonymous button:( Anyway, the comment is from me. Keep Smiling:)

Amber said...

Just precious :)

Katie said...

He is just gorgeous! I could look at pictures of him all day. Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Lisa said...

I so love catching up on your blog, as I am doing right now. But sad I missed Ben's birthday :(...we were at the beach until recently (there's a little photo montage of the girls on vaca on my blog). But what a dear, sweet family you have! And that beautiful little boy with the pouty sleepy him and his mama. Happy Birthday, Ben!!