Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i finally got around to looking at all the pictures i took the past few months.
i have a bad habit of taking pics and letting them sit on the memory card or in a folder on my computer, but it's so fun to go back and see what we've been up to.

in january, we took a long weekend trip to the beach.
it was 70 degrees and lovely.
this was our view from the back deck.

if you are interested in renting the house we always stay in, check out this link here.
our close friend owns it and we love it there!
definitely feels like home.

this turquoise polka dot mug is my favorite.
i reach for it each and every saturday morning.

one morning, ben woke up super early.
john got up and checked on him, and ended up crawling in bed with him.
later on, i got up and took ben downstairs with me.
john stayed tucked in ben's bed for hours.

these next two pictures show the power of zooming and cropping.
anna's art hanging in the alcove upstairs...

and what that area really looks like every day.
full of artistic mess.
piles of supplies everywhere.
she is great at creating.
not so great at cleaning.

apparently i like to take pictures of our bookshelves.
there were about 20 photos of different stacks of books on my memory card.

oh this boy.
and his love of angry birds.
it runs deep.

this is my neighbor's crab apple tree (i think that's what kind it is).
it is blooming and it is GORGEOUS.
makes me want to paint things pink and wearing bright pink nail polish.
soooo pretty and feminine.
this tree is definitely a girl tree.

ben has moved on from elmo.
he now loves mickey mouse.
jumping and dancing with mickey is part of our afternoon routine.

and my latest project, adding some stripey fabric to our playroom curtains.
i think i may be going through a mint green and pink phase.
it's not going to be pretty.
but it will definitely be preppy.

and that concludes our photo tour.
you are officially caught up with the family von jupin.
give yourself a pat on the back.


Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

Precious. Hugs to you!

Laura said...

I want another tour!
That was fun!

That beach house is amazing!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL the colors and sun set.

J said...

your pics make me smile!

jeana said...

love the curtains! i'm definitely a green and preppy girl. not sure i could get away with much pink in this house o boys.

oh and we have the same mickey mouse routine going on over here. :)

Lisa said...

LOVE. All of it.