Wednesday, March 14, 2012


on monday, john had surgery to remove his gall bladder.
he is tired, achy and sore.
but he's getting better.
he is moving around and eating again--both signs that he's on the mend.
thank goodness for a healthy husband!
i won't take that for granted.


it's super hot here.
this afternoon i came home from work to a hot, stuffy house.
so we turned on the air conditioning.
just to kill the humidity and chill the house.
we are comfortable again!
thank goodness for air conditioning!
i won't take that for granted either.


i love this kitchen.
i have dreams about it.

ok, i lied.
i dream about this entire house.


i lost five pounds.
it doesn't sound like much really.
but then i picture a five pound bag of sugar or even worse, five pounds of lunch meat, and then it seems like a BIG deal.
i am proud of myself.
i think i could lose five more in a heart beat, if i could just give up ice cream.


i am inspired by this porch.
that chevron floor is killer.


i'm listening to anna jean talk to her friend on the telephone.
seven year olds are so cute.
"why don't we talk to each other in funny voices? like this 'memememeep!'"
it is driving josh crazy.
too funny.


jeana said...

ha that's funny!
and yes..i'm in love with that entire house..beautiful. congrats on the 5 lbs!


Kimberlee said...

I dream lovely dreams of that house, too.

Yay on the 5lbs...that's some serious work. Work that I am terrible at because I like junk. Ugh.

How's J. Jupin's neck? I'm so glad it was only his gallbladder. :)

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

I am super happy for you about 5lbs! That is such an awesome accomplishment!

Katie said...

I love that mounted clock in that kitchen! It just screams, "LOOK AT ME! STAY ON TIME!" Hmmm, something my household really needs in the mornings. 5 lbs is a big. deal. I saw a great idea on Pinterest. I am such a visual person that it really clicked with me, even though it may seem childish. Buy those little round glass pieces, like you would find in the florist section, and two clear containers. In one, put the same number of pieces as pounds that you need to lose. In the other, count out the pounds you have lost. Keep transferring as needed and watch the progress. I bought everything at the dollar store and found some really pretty aqua pieces with a couple cylindrical vases. I plan on sticking them on top of my fridge as a reminder to myself. Here is the pin I found:

Keep on keepin' on...

{cuppakim} said...

sooo....your previous posts have been on my heart. and in my prayers. ugh. rough stuff.

gallbladders are also rough. i had mine out two years ago. traumatic for a wimp like me. but i was blessed by the easiest recovery known to gallbladders. i hope john's is just as easy peasy.

and wooo. GO. FREAKING. YOU.
five pounds.
sooo proud of you.
so. so. so.
you can do it. 5lbs at a time.
or 2. or even 1. ;)
i know, i did it too! Woot! :)

you are a rockstar.

that is all.