Monday, March 12, 2012

thank you and a bird's nest craft.

i wanted to say thank you for all of your support and prayers concerning my last post.
i read each one with big drippy tears streaming down my face.
something so wonderful about knowing there are prayers being said on your behalf.
such a wonderful feeling!
thank you!


about a jillion years ago, meg posted a craft for a robin's nest on her blog.
i rediscovered it again on friday and showed it to anna.

"do we have all the stuff to make it, mommy? i think so!"

she requires very little supervision from me.
painting, drawing, glueing.
she does it all without hesitation.
she is a girl on a mission (to create!).

when it was all done, we let it sit overnight to dry.
saturday morning, the robin's nest was ready to go.
she decided that it would be a perfect gift to nana.
and i'm happy to report that nana thought it was the perfect spring decoration for her home!

have fun crafting with your little ones!

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coco said...

Amy, I didn't have time to leave a comment the other day but i want you to know I did and am praying for your family, your boys and all that is going on. I live in Birmingham and i just want to drive up to huntsville (i think that is where you live) and give you a hug and squeeze your hand. I am so thankful that even in the most painful moments, when i am screaming at God, i know HE loves me and HE is writing my story. He is in control and ALL that He does is good (by His eternal definition). Someday i will understand. I just don't right now. So, i will keep praying! Blessings!