Sunday, April 29, 2012

two days. two parties.

well, we did it.
two birthday parties in two days.
i need a nap.
we all do--with the exception of ben, he slept like a champ, little stinker.

warning: picture overload.
it happens sometimes.
this one's a doozie.

friday afternoon we set up for anna's party.
she wanted to decorate cupcakes and have a sleepover and that's just what we did.
nothing super fancy or costly, just decorating a few cupcakes and watch a movie.

i made a giant cupcake and candy shell liner just like darby did.
i also made some regular cupcakes and set out some sprinkles and colored frosting.

we made a quick garland out of cupcake liners.
and used a piece of fabric as a table runner.
the cupcakes and fixins were the centerpiece.

we didn't have much time to set up but it sure turned out cute.
as soon as the girls got there, they started decorating cupcakes.
it was giggle city.
and it was LOUD.
and happy.

the girls played barbies, put on a fashion show and watched a movie.
then, as the sugar highs wore off, each girl took their turn to CRY--one wanted to go home early, one didn't want to leave at all, one lost a tooth (anna!), one pinched another...

little girls sure bring the DRAMA.
one girl went home at 1:30 in the morning.
we didn't get much sleep but the girls were still giggling when they woke up at 6am.
i made pancakes and sausages and strawberries.
we sang happy birthday because we forgot the night before!
it was a pancake cake.

the girlies played some more and the mommas came to pick them up.
i cleaned up, had my own time out on the porch with my coffee (glorious!), and then got ready for party #2.

anna and i made another quick garland out of ripped up camo fabric.
we gathered up supplies for smores and hotdogs.
i put sprinkles on the leftover cupcakes and called it done.

josh wanted to have a video game party and a sleepover.
yep, another sleepover.
we picked up a bunch of pizzas for dinner.
john set up all of our tvs so the boys could all play together.
no taking turns--it was heaven for 10 year old boys.
they played their little hearts out.
no time limits today.

i picked up flashlights at walmart for each of the boys so they could play flashlight tag--an easy and cheap party favor.
john built a fire while the boys chased each other through the dark.
they ate smores and cooked hotdogs and spoke a language that only 10 year old boys understand.
"yo mrs. jupin, this is tight!"

round 11pm, they stopped just long enough to open gifts and eat a second round of pizza and cupcakes.
7 boys, 5 pizzas, done.
then back to the games.

the next morning there were bodies everywhere.
the boys stayed up way too late and were exhausted.
i made pancakes and sausages again.
they were slow to wake but then they attacked the video games again until it was time to go.

boys are messy, they are stinky, and they are as goofy as it gets.
dirty socks, wet grass, sticky doorknobs...they definitely left their marks.
but they are so much more low key than the girls!

when the last boy left, we cleaned up the house, did dishes, wiped down the bathroom, swept the porch...and then it was time for sunday school!!
no rest for the weary.

turns out we just can't hang like we used to.

the good news is that we survived.
we made it through our birthday season!
now, if you'll excuse me, i am going to take the world's longest nap.......


if only i were so lucky!


Katie Bowling said...

i love the juxtaposition of the two parties! so different!

plus the decorating the cupcake idea is awesome!

Kimberlee said...

You made it!!!!!!!
And now your'e taking tomorrow off, right?
Hope so!
I love it when you post a lot of pictures, by the way.
Everything looked amazing---way to go John for setting up all those tv's!

Colleen said...

Adorable party the cupcake liner banner. so cute! I don't blame you - you must be so exhausted!

Laura said...

you're a rock star.
I'd rather stick a hot poker in my eye than have a sleep over...and two in a row?????
you are my idol.

wanna come help me plan annie's communion party for this saturday? and then luke's birthday just 3 days after?and then mothers day brunch?