Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a few things for today...

do y'all read the blog the contented sparrow?
oh, you should.
it's lovely.
and megan just opened a new etsy shop!
hop on over and check it out.
we aspiring mommas need to support one another, you know?

(photo by contented sparrow)

next, i love julie's idea to have a "favorite things" party!
each guest brings five of their faves but each thing has to be less than $6.
then they all trade and share the goodies.
be sure to check out julie's favorites.
i want to try them all.

ok, last thing.
my two goofy girlfriends and i signed up to do the madison street festival again.
it's not until october but boy do i feel nervous.
i have no idea if i'll be here or in davis' country, but i know i need to do what i love.
making things, planning out a booth, working together with my friends...all stuff that i love to do.
so...locals, mark your calendars for october 6th!

(our booth last year)

that's all for now.
hope your tuesday is AWESOME!

1 comment:

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

Let's pretend that one day we finally get to meet in person and we have a favorite things party! Deal?!