Thursday, May 24, 2012

chicken caprese pasta salad

the other night i was staring into the fridge trying to figure out what to make for supper.
there was a mishmash of leftovers--a little bit of this, a little bit of that but nothing was jumping out at me.
all i could focus on was the yummy fresh mozzarella and basil, wishing my children would love caprese salad like i do.
then i had an idea.
there was that one time when i saw someone somewhere make a pasta salad using the same ingredients for caprese salad...hmm...
so i gave it a try (aka threw a bunch of stuff together) and i must admit, it was delicious.
john and i devoured it.

keeping it real, the kids had buttered noodles and leftover meatballs for dinner.
but maybe you'll like it too. 
don't skimp on the fresh basil and mozzarella.
you can leave out the chicken but they are essential.

it's like summertime in a bowl.


Kimberlee said...

I will be making this in the next week!

Laura said...


I spotted your coffee maker in the background and was unable to focus on your recipe because all I want now is for you to make me a cup of coffee