Sunday, May 20, 2012

go bandits!

softball season is coming to a close.
anna has one game tonight and maybe one or two more.
 i think she's really going to miss it.

i am not a baseball/softball girl.
i know--how unamerican of me.
my mom and dad are fanatics.
my aunt, cousin and her kiddos, are nutso over it.

but anna really likes it.
and i'm so glad she decided to play again this year.
the Bandits are doing AWESOME.

but summer is coming.
only one and a half days of school left.
we are all anxious to be bums.
swimming pool, here we come.

and all these softball games are the only things we have on our calendar for the whole summer.
well, that and a few trips overseas.

so i guess we can manage one or two more games.
and i guess we might just have to have ballpark popcorn and nachos for dinner just one more time to celebrate the end of ball and the official start of summer.


coco said...

I had to laugh reading this. I LOVE baseball and softball... my girl is a dancer. I see absolutely no point in a bunch of girls dancing on stage. Not sure what it will benefit them. Now softball, the benefit of real sweat breaking physical exercise, team dynamics, receiving coaching, learning to win and lose, getting vitamin D from being outside, learning to focus and do your best even when people cheer against you! I could go on. Maybe we should swap :) but then again i don't know is you like dance recitals either. I sat through one for almost 3 hours on saturday. they don't serve nachos! hahaha!

Laura said...

I LIVE at the ball field.
and I find baseball...dare I say....boring???

I LOVE hockey
LOVE basketball
I even enjoy lacrosse

but I always bring my phone and a diet coke to the ball field.

now...if my field served nachos, it might be another story....