Thursday, May 3, 2012

just some stuff.

yesterday i spent two hours in my dentist's chair.
i hadn't been to the dentist for 1 1/2 years.
very, very bad.
i have to go back later this month and have my front tooth reconstructed.
very, very yuck.

the kiddos are off from school tomorrow for a weather day.
ummm...i don't get that at all. why not just finish the school year up a day early?
now i have to take off work because they are home.
sounds like some school administrators wanted a three-day weekend at the gulf, if you ask me.
i kid, i kid.

every night this week we have made chocolate cream diet cokes.
thank you, shauna!
they are our new favorites.
try them.
i'm serious!

we have to take ben for some routine bloodwork soon.
i am dreading it. we will be dripping in sweat by the time we leave, i'm sure of it.
holding a kid down while he screams blue bloody murder is not my idea of fun.
i feel sorry for whatever technician we get that day.
attention all local phlebotomists, if you see ben boy headed your way, run, don't walk, to your nearest exit! it's for your own good.
and kindly ignore the huge sweaty armpit rings on mom and dad's shirts.
they are trying their best.
thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.

i am starting my summer list.
the kids can do their own list for the family, but mommy needs her own this year.
so far i have some cool stuff planned. check out the new list on my side bar over there, cleverly called "amy's summer list."
(note: i can not claim to invent the summer list. that idea is a meg duerksen original and it's fabulous.)

one last thing.
ben is THE fruit ninja.
that is all for now.


Unknown said...

Coolest shell display ever. Luv.

Katie said...

My Ben hasn't figured out Fruit Ninja yet, but my 5 year old is obsessed. Did you know that those little stands for the Big Grips iPad covers are currently out of stock? Argh! And the little molded thing costs something like $25? I am so happy with the cover, though. It has been dropped a few times (not thrown yet, YAY!)and it was like, nuthin.

When I saw "make a terrarium" on your list, I immediately thought of my huge glass terrarium that I have hidden away in my basement. I salvaged it from my mother in laws house, and it is about 2 feet high with a big hole in the side of the glass for planting. I am thinking that maybe I can trust my kids enough not to knock it over or pull it down. (cross fingers) I have some leftover ceramic mushrooms that I never sold in my shop due to some flaws, but I would love to use them in something like that. Hmmm.

Laura said...

summer list already????

good grief

not ready for that

Anonymous said...

whoa?! chocolate cream diet coke?! looking at her blog now. thanks for the tip! -becca