Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mom's day.

on mother's day, we decided to have a "ma spa" for nana.
it was a grand-ma spa!

first nana soaked her feet in some warm water and then anna jean rubbed her feet with lotion.
then anna did nana's makeup and painted her fingernails and toenails.
(am i losing you with all the nana, anna, anna, nana talk?  stay with me)

why yes, i do have a ridiculous amount of nail polish.
and i barely ever paint my nails.
i'm a dork like that.

then josh interviewed nana.
he asked her what her favorite movie, flower, food, book...was. 
he recorded her answers so he would always know.
sweet right?
uh huh.
then he read her a poem that he wrote her earlier in the day.
the poem wasn't about flowers or sunshine or love.
it was about worms and how he is better than anna and how he likes to go fishing (i think?!).

he's a mess.
but he's a funny mess.
i could barely snap these pics i was laughing so hard.

then anna sang nana a song she wrote just for her and we served her special nana snacks.
kind of like scooby snacks but much, much better.
especially those petit fours.
i wanted to eat all the chocolate ones.

 it was such a special afternoon.
the kids were proud to make it all about their nana.
and i was happy to keep it low key but meaningful.

i hope she loved it as much as i did.

your makeup looked fab, nan!
hee hee.

i've written many, many times about how close my mom and i are.
she is a nut.
and i love her so much.
so do the kids--she is a wonderful grandmother!

mom's day rocks.
why don't we have mom's day every month?
sign me up.


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i love this idea!
happy late mother's day sweet friend!

Laura said...

ya know why we don't have a mom's day every month?

I know.
bad of me.
but my family has trouble pulling through with this day...they all sort of sucked...

and my mom would NEVER allow a ma spa...only hired staff do her nails and make up. She is fun and relatable like that.

I am jealous of your nana!!!!!!
I will totally be like nana....

happy moms day to you! maybe I can come to your house next moms day?

Kimberlee said...

What a gorgeous Nana you have!

briggs256@gmail.com said...

What a wonderful day I had and I thank my daughter and my wonderful grandbabies, and my son-in-law too!

Every Nana deserves a day of pampering and I'm one lucky Nana!