Wednesday, June 6, 2012

cool things.

summer just feels right, doesn't it?
it fits perfectly with our family.
everyone is doing great and seems really happy and content with life this summer.
and that's a good thing because our adoption is on fast-forward right now.
we are scrambling to finish up some biggies that need to be done prior to our travel.
the word 'excited' doesn't even begin to scratch at the surface...

so, since life has been nutso, i figured it might be nice for me to share some cool things i've seen on the interwebs, you know, from people who actually have time to blog.
and energy.
and desire.

ok, first up, liz's curtains.
i just got off the phone with my local anthro because i covet these and need them in my bedroom stat.

then, melaine's quick living room tour.
she has the exact style i love.
a  mix of rustic and refined, all in neutrals that make me giddy.

the lake house emily henderson just finished.
you know, design star emily henderson. 
she's got the skillz that pays the billz.

'the optimist restaurant' in atlanta blogged by milk and honey home.
it is possibly the dreamiest place i've ever laid eyes on.
and the stripes.
oh man, the stripes.

bbq chicken quinoa salad by iowa girl eats.
i recently found this blog and am addicted.
i've starred every post.
i want to cook again.
it's nutso.

julie's post on how to host a pioneer woman supper.
my little family loves pw.
and they love me when i make her food.
it's an awesome thing.

craft camp by dandee.
it's like craft weekend.
but for a WEEK.
and i want to craft.
for a WEEK.
good gracious.

enjoy some good ol' fashioned blog hoppin'.
i'm off to pick up some pizzas for supper.
a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.
peace out.


Unknown said...

Oh Amy
Nico has my heart.
I'm so happy to hear things are moving forward! I pray for Davis every day and I can't wait until he's home.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited to hear that things are moving with Davis! His name has been etched on my heart.

Laura said...

i want to be you this summer