Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i am still alive.

my poor little blog.
here it sits, all sad and lonely, as life just zips by and time just evaporates.

i started this blog many moons ago as a way to document and remember our days; now they go by so far that i can barely keep up let alone whittle them down to a coherent blog post.

we are spending lots and lots of time working on our court dossier for davis.
documents have a short shelf-life in his country so most things have "expired" and need to be updated.
we have hit some snags and are trudging through them, all the while trying to keep our eyes on the prize.

the good news is that we may be traveling as soon as next month!
maybe...nothing is official and no plane tickets have been bought, but i promise this blog WILL be updated as soon as we know.
in the meantime, if you wouldn't mind adding our little family to your prayer list, it would most gratefully appreciated.
we still have far to go and many mountains to climb...

do you remember the farley family and sweet sergey?
they too are expecting travel dates any day now and are still in need of funding.
a friend has put together a great giveaway fundraiser in their honor.

please, pretty, pretty please, with a cherry on top, consider donating to the giveaway!

danielle and i have become very close over the past year or so.
she is absolutely one of the most precious people in my life right now--another person that God placed in my life at just the exact time i would need her!
her family is adorable and couldn't imagine a better fit for sergey!

they are adopting from the same region as we are, and it's a tough one.
there are lots and lots of unexpected costs and they are already stretched so thin!
even one dollar donated would mean one less dollar that they need to come up with.

i am on my knees...please help provide for them as they continue their way to save sergey!


Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

Oh my goodness! As soon as next month! Can you hear me cheering from here?! Please let me know what you need, ok?! Hugs to you.

Danielle said...

I love you lady:)