Saturday, June 2, 2012

kindred spirits.

i know i've written about my friend mrs. doris before.
she is literally one of my most favorite people on the planet.
she is giving and kind, funny and generous, and really just a neat person.
she's always doing something, always helping others, always working.

i met her one rainy day, a long time ago, when i dragged john to a craft show.
oh he was thrilled, let me tell ya.
and the show wasn't that great at all and we were both pretty bored.
but, on the way out, we found doris' booth, struck up a conversation, and we knew right then and there, that a stranger was now a kindred friend.
funny how our Good Lord works like that.

doris has this really amazing way of making everyone feel special to her.
it's one of the things i admire most about her, really.
and on that rainy day, she certainly stood out as someone special to me.

ok, so anyways...can you tell i kinda like this lady or what??!
doris is mrs. crafty.
the craft queen.
the woman can literally take a trash can lid off the curb, paint it and sell it like it's nobody's business.
true story.
and she also has a killer country style that makes me drool.
girlfriend can sure work a vignette, let me tell ya.

today was her garden show at her house.
when she has her shows, my mom and i have to go.
not just to see her (which of course i love!) but to check out what awesomeness she's been up to.

well, turns out, she's been up to A LOT of awesomeness.

 i took bunches of pics and these are my favorites.
why she hasn't been in a magazine yet is beyond me.
her home is beautiful.
just like she is.


Kate @ Songs Kate Sang said...

OH my goodness gracious! She is adorable. Would you think I'm crazy if I told you that I want to come to the next show with you :)

Kimberlee said...

I want a tour the next time I'm in town.

Laura said...

you are kind of like my Miss Doris :-)