Sunday, October 7, 2012

cloudy with a chance of rain. madison street fest.

we woke up to drizzling rain and temperatures 25 degrees colder than the day before.
we loaded the cars while wearing scarves and gloves.
we set up in the dark and the rain subsided and we were grateful.
our plan was a success and the booth looked full and lovely.
and just as the sun began to rise, a heavy, drowning raincloud passed overhead, soaking everything in its path.
most of our things were drenched and dripping with cold rainwater.

i admit, it was overwhelming.
i sulked.
i was sad beyond sad.
i stood there, frozen, looking around at our things, not knowing what to do or where to start.
thankfully, my mom went into full-on mom mode and began furiously drying everything off.
she wiped and wiped and rearranged.

we were going to make this happen no matter what.

the rain began to move its way out of our area.
the parade started.
slowly (and i mean very slowly) the streets started filling with people.
the wind whipped and the cold was still lingering but the people continued to come.

the people were kind and sweet and very complimentary.
i met several folks that made my day--including a lovely little couple that i will most definitely be writing about here soon. they changed my entire outlook of my day and reminded me of exactly why i was there!  thanks for that amy and beau!
there were many times i felt like packing up and crawling back in bed, under the warm covers with a HOT cup of coffee...
but it was the people that came, the people that shopped and gave such amazing feedback to us...
they made the day such a success!

when it was all said and done, we raised about 2/3 of what we did last time.
it was not what i was hoping would happen but it was worth it.
i say that whole-heartedly.

another thing i say whole-heartedly is how much i love and respect my mother.
she is my biggest supporter and i am in awe of how hard she works to help me.
thanks mom!

i will be posting lots and lots of items on etsy in the next week.
i will be trying my hand at another craft show in a few weeks and i'm very grateful for the opportunity.
if you see something in these pictures below that you just have to have, please email me!

i know this was just a craft show, and this may sound so cheesy, but...
 as usual, God has such a special way of revealing His ideas and plans to us.

there were moments throughout the day yesterday that i felt like i was exactly and precisely where i needed to be,
that God loves me and wants me to continue to push for our little boy Davis,
and that no matter what, i need to keep on going for Davis' sake and the sake of thousands of children like him.

and if i can reach people with things as simple as the words i type on this blog, or as simple as my desire to make and sell crafts, then i will continue to do so.
the Lord is with me and in me and i need only listen.

wow.  deep thoughts this glorious Sunday morning!

how about some pretty pictures?

be sure to check out the SHOP in the next few days!


Shannon said...

Everything looked amazing! I love all the pillows. You are so creative, looking forward to seeing what you had left in your etsy shop :)

I Just Love You said...

i saw your family at the buddy walk...i was wondering where you were!

J said...

I love it all, Amy! I want 2 dish towels and 4 pillows!! Can't wait to see what you have left so I can put in my order at your shop! :)

Denise said...

you have so much product- what variety! and all of it is darling. i pray God meets all your needs and is glorified through you and your shop.

Taryn Smith said...

Everything looks so pretty. Amy, in the pictures of last year you had some cotton (plants on stems)shown in one of the pictures. Are you near a cotton field that I could purchase some from you? Thank you, Taryn

meg duerksen said...

oh my stinkin' heck!!! it looked amazing girl!
dumb rain.
but how awesome the atGod shows up even in the rain at a craft fair.
he never leaves us.