Friday, October 5, 2012

craft show / last chance.

i have been so busy today prepping for tomorrow's show that i forgot to take pics for today's preview.
but i do have a list of other goodies we will have tomorrow!

- pillows (lots and lots and lots and lots)
- dish towels
- bottle cap necklaces (made by anna)
- bangle bracelets
- headbands
- tote bags
- barrettes (made by anna too!)
- pumpkin yard decorations
and more.

last year's set up looked a little something like this:

my fingers are crossed and many prayers have gone up today!
we are so grateful for the chance to be able to raise more money for our little love, davis boy.
sure hope to see you tomorrow at the madison street festival!


Kate Eschbach said...

I'll be praying that your day is wonderful!

Rachel said...

Oh Lord... I want to buy that entire picture :) Please tell me anything possibly left goes into your Etsy shop??? :)