Monday, October 1, 2012

craft show / preview one.

this upcoming saturday is the madison street festival.
last year i decided to try my hand as a vendor.
it was a great day and we raised almost $1100 towards our adoption!

i never, ever thought i'd still be waiting for davis to join our family but here we are.

so this saturday, my mom and i will be setting up our booth, hoping and praying for a happy crowd and great weather!

to get this party started, this week i'll be showing a few of the crafts i've been working on.
some of the ideas were inspired by pinterest and blogs, some are my own originals.
i will definitely try and give credit where it's due--it's only fair and i in no way pretend to come up with all these ideas on my own!

 up first:  distressed wood grain letters

i found this idea HERE.
but i wanted to use letters that were a.) on sale and b.) that could stand up on their own.
i found the cardboard letters at hobby lobby.
pretty sure i got the distressed wood scrapbook paper there too (not in a pack but in the individual pieces).
the link shows you the steps so i won't repeat them here but it's seriously simple, simple.

go as bright and bold as you want to.
spell any word or saying that you want.
the choices, obvs, are unlimited.

i also made a few peace signs and hearts (both inspired by my little miss anna).
sure hope you like them as much as i do!

up next: a twist on chalkboards!
hope you're enjoying your monday.


meg duerksen said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate Eschbach said...

This is awesome! :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love how your letters came out and thank you for the link back to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you have a big sign saying the proceeds are going to bring your baby home!