Sunday, November 4, 2012

for unto us.

anna has scarlet fever. (seriously)
i have a nasty cold.
our house is wrecked with a capital W.
there is laundry sitting in our washer that's been there for three days.
i can only imagine how good that smells. 
ben is eating goldfish crackers for breakfast this morning,

i'm not gonna lie, it's been a bummer of a weekend, filled with trips to the doctor, piles of tissues and lots and lots of boring tv shows.


there is a silver lining. (isn't there always?)

my dear friend chrissie grace sent me an email friday to tell me something that's been on her heart.
she had an idea, a way she could contribute to the financial burden of our adoption.
and then she sent me the most beautiful pictures:

and man, did the tears start flowing!
awesome, right?

y'all, i am humbled and excited to share these with you.
my friend chrissie grace will be selling these beautiful CHRISTmas trees for two weeks only.
and she will graciously be donating 25% of the profits to our adoption fund!

in chrissie's own words,
"This piece is very special to me.
I really feel like God gave it to me to help Amy and her family bring Davis home.
Amy, I cannot wait to see the gifts it brings.  
I pray Davis feels all the love and positive energy out there, just for him :)
I feel so blessed to be a part of this.  
It feels like what Christmas is really all about."

please click HERE to visit chrissie grace's etsy shop and check out all the details.
i am feeling so blessed and full of hope this fine sunday morning.
chrissie, i just love your heart so much.  
your continued support, encouragement, and devotion to our family, and to davis, overwhelms me.

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Christina said...

You don't know me from anyone, but I heard from another someone about your adoption and came to read your story. I am so sorry to hear about all the trials, but the tree is beautiful. May the Lord raise up a mighty army on your behalf...
I also wanted to encourage house is wrecked with a capital W too, and my laundry pile sounds about like yours, and I have no sick children/self. :) My kids went to bed happy and everyone ate dinner tonight, so...that's a win for me. It sounds like there is a LOT of love in your house. May it be blessed through the night, rest and peace be with you all.