Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween 2012.

it's always a mad rush when halloween falls on a school night.
homework, a bite to eat, getting the costumes on, finding the trick or treat bags, a big bowl for candy...
and then WHOOOOSH...
we're out the door, cameras everywhere and off they go, smiling and happy.

when everyone comes home, there is candy all over the living room floor.
piles are made, favorites here and yucky stuff there.
charlie brown and linus and the great pumpkin are on in the background.
the kitchen's a mess with empty pizza boxes and half-finished cups everywhere.
costumes are turned inside out and thrown on the floor.

we made it through another halloween, another october.
tomorrow welcomes november, a month full of thanks and gratitude...and turkey!


Kimberlee said...

I loved seeing your kids in their costumes. It's a good thing they couldn't come knocking at my door---I would've just handed all the candy over to them!

Colleen said...

so cute! I love their smiles in these. how can it be november already???

hannah singer said...

oh man. this is the best! CUTE fam.