Monday, March 11, 2013

getting my spring on.

yesterday was warm and breezy.
the kids spent most of the day outside playing, and i spent most of the day inside decorating.

i opened the windows and the back door so the smell of spring could fill the house.
i was tired of the dusty books and candles of my winter decor and couldn't wait to lighten things up.
i think it's a good start.

p.s. i wanted to pull out my sea shell collection and put starfish everywhere but maybe it's a tad bit too early for that.  i'm just so dang excited for summer!


{cuppakim} said...

i'm not a seasonal decorator. but maybe i should be.
i am picky w/ my candles though - i think tonight its time to close up the cinnamon and pumpkin scents and replace them with the warm fruity candles i've been gathering all winter.

also that snow leopard pillow is yummy.

hi amy. :)

Colleen said...

I always love seeing pictures of your house. it's so pretty!

Kate Eschbach said...

Seeing pictures of your house makes me want to make you come decorate for me. You know. In exchange for brownies.

Katie said...

Where are you finding your little paintings?

Amber said...

That is beautiful! I'm slowly working more blue into my decor and I love it!

Danielle said...

Sigh...feels easy breezy. Wish I could pop over:)

Rachel said...

Ahh, those paintings are just too perfect! Love the whole feeling of it - am so glad warmer weather is on the way!

Anonymous said...

Hello, not sure how I came upon your blog,but probably through a home decor blog. Unrelated to this post, but I really love your decor style and was wondering where you got the curtains/fabric, the light blue with the flower pattern on them, in your kitchen? Love them! I am enjoying your blog, cute family and lovely home:)

Jen from Iowa

Mary said...

come on over anytime!
your home is SWOONY.