Saturday, April 27, 2013

etsy shop update.

i don't know if any of you still read this little blog or not...but just in case...

the shop has been updated with all of my favorite fabrics.
it's painful to let go of some of these.
tears may have been shed and my stomach may be in knots.
but i'm trying to follow the same advice i always give my kiddos: share with your friends.


anna is celebrating her ninth birthday today.
forgive me for the short post but there is a big slice of birthday cake calling my name.
hooray for saturday!


Megan said...

Happy 9th birthday to Anna!

I love that stash of fabric you've decided to share! Very pretty! I think my husband might kill me if I added any to my stash...ha!

Kate Eschbach said...

I read, I read! (raises hand like a spaz).

Happy birthday beautiful Anna.

Love you!