Friday, May 17, 2013

march, april and may. the recap.

march and april came and went.
ben turned SIX and we went to the beach.
it was chilly most of our time there but still, we were together doing practically nothing.

josh turned ELEVEN and decided, for the first time, that he wanted one big gift instead of a birthday party. (the kids get to choose one or the other but not both)
he chose a paint ball gun.
heaven help me.

anna turned NINE and had a sleep over.
only one girl stayed until morning.
these girls and the drama.

josh gave up baseball and asked to play soccer instead.
he loves it and is learning more and more each practice.
it's amazing how much happier he is.

anna is still playing softball and doing gymnastics.
she hit her first home run a few weeks ago, and just this week, she hit a GRAND SLAM!
she also learned how to do a one-handed cartwheel and a front hand spring.
and had some art in the art show again.

ben has learned so much this year.
he's talking so much more and understands so much.
his favorite toys are a beach ball and a half of a pool noodle that he drags everywhere--our makeshift bat and ball for inside the house.
he can hit that ball like a champ!

he's learning to bump a volleyball and kick into a soccer goal too.
sitting still is not his specialty!

when we were at the beach in march, we found a house on the bay that we fell in love with.
we have spent years dreaming about owning a place at the gulf but everything was still too expensive and out of our reach.
when we found this little cottage, it felt like home in so many ways that it honestly surprised me.
and when we couldn't get it out of our minds, we decided to take a chance.
we are now proud owners of a little periwinkle cottage on mobile bay.

yesterday was davis' SIXth birthday.
even though the situation with russia is still unknown, he is still so much a part of our family.
what i wouldn't do to be there with him.
i pray he was celebrated and showered with love!
thank you all for remembering him in your prayers.

we are in the midst of end of the year school parties and awards ceremonies.
next week is the last week of school and then summer is officially here.
i can't wait for the slower pace and for all the activities to be over.
we are all craving some down time and a nice long break from all the crazy.
just one more week...


Kate Eschbach said...

Happy birthday to your babies! And... I thought you should know... I always chose the same three crayons out of the box - periwinkle, carnation pink and peach. I used to draw houses over and over.

Ashley @ Following the Fishers said...

So many birthdays close together! What a fun season that must be for you all. Your new cottage is beautiful and I'm sure you'll make tons of amazing memories in it :)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

WOW, you've had alot going on. As a fellow gymnastics mom I can relate to the joys of "getting" those new skills at the gym..the best part is seeing the look on your child's face when they get it=)
And I LOVE your new place...I dont know where that Bay is. Is it near your home or in another state? It looks heavenly!

Katie said...

Gorgeous house, and great update on the kids! I have been trying to figure out how to juggle two children in sports, and the fear of our lives getting to chaotic has hindered us. I saw a running group for girls in our area, and know that I need to do this for my 9 year old. She would be such a natural. My 6 year old has a lot of internal angst right now, and I believe that directing the energy towards sports or outdoor activities would be the key for him. My Ben will be heading into a summer program this year, which will give him some consistency with his days (because momma has very little structure during summer break!) I am looking forward to the end of the school year, and I know you are too.

meg duerksen said...

birthdays all around!!!
that cottage... WOW!
i am in love.
it's so amazing. what a beautiful peaceful place for you! i am so happy for you!

{cuppakim} said...

happy happy birthday ben, josh, and anna.

happiest birthday wishes to davis. i think about him all the time. praying for him and your family. (love you).

and that periwinkle beach house makes me want to move to AL. ASAP.
(never thought i'd say that)