Saturday, April 13, 2013

i'm here. still kickin.

i sit here in the quiet of my dark house.
the sun is just now starting to make its way above the horizon in the eastern sky.
my people are still in their beds, every once in a while i hear someone shuffle around in their covers.
i just brewed a cup of coffee in my favorite black and white polka dot mug.
this lonely computer now feels like a stranger to me.
we rarely visit one another lately and i feel rather sad about that.

truth is i'm doing ok.
we are all so busy with the day-to-day stuff that makes up our lives.
work, homework, practices, projects, know it all well.
for me there's also a lot of praying and clinging and hoping thrown in there too--i'm still trying to do the best i can with this parenting thing.
the kids are getting older and that brings more and more challenges with it.
it's a struggle some days...and really and truly that's a huge understatement!

buck's up.  he just gave me a wet, stinky breathed lick on my hand.
he loves me.
he doesn't care that i haven't brushed my teeth and my hair is in a ratty bun on top of my head.
he doesn't mind my hulk hogan style sweatshirt and yesterday's mascara under my eyes.
he's pretty darn awesome like that.
i think he deserves a treat. :)

where was i...oh, yes, parenting.
so hard.
you know it well too, i'm sure.

then there's my little one across the sea.
reports from the orphanage are that he's doing well, walking better and even feeding himself now!
cause for celebration!
just wish, with all my momma heart, that we could be celebrating here together!
this week coming up is a big one.
wednesday and thursday russian officials are traveling her to talk to the US Dept of State and Citizenship and Immigration folks about the ban.
if you can, please pray for a miracle!
please pray for hearts to be changed and the gates to be opened so these children can be freed!
very important meeting to say the least.

oh, here comes ben.
i can hear him yawning at the top of the stairs.
yep, he's now climbing up on sofa and snuggling with me.
this boy, man alive.  he's just the greatest.
i know i say that all the time but he really is.
i just love him so much it's ridiculous.

did you know that ben turned SIX last month?
he sure did.
AND he blew out his candles on his birthday cake!

more soon.
(thanks melissa and poppy for reminding me that blogging is important too.)

i gotta run.
time to get dressed and meet up with nana for some yardsale-ing.
hoping for some great finds and hoping each of you have a wonderful weekend.


{cuppakim} said...

i'm so glad you updated us.
i was just thinking of you and davis and every one two days ago, wondering what was the latest.
i'm glad to hear there is something happening.

big prayers for you all, and that God would work mightily this week. i'm excited to see what might come!

xo said...

Love reading your thoughts, dear friend!

Mary said...


Unknown said...

I will absolutely join you in prayer for a miracle. You got it.

I love you to pieces and I am praying for you. I'm so glad you updated us. I love you.

meg duerksen said...

i have missed you here in the internets.
i will pray for a miracle. i miss you.

Unknown said...

Glad your back! I look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you are doing well. My son is always looking over my shoulder when I am on my ipad. One day I was looking at my Instagram pictures and he pointed out a picture of Ben and said of all my Instagram 'friends', that one is the cutest. I told him that he certainly is!!! I am praying for that miracle!
Amy J