Tuesday, August 27, 2013

things that make me happy.

-the way my mom says "later" when we hang up the phone.
-when ben says "shoo-wee!!" every time he farts.
-when josh asks me tuck him in at night.
-hearing john say "love you baby" at the end of each phone call.
-when blythe texts me for decorating advice.
-my office coffee club.
-dark chocolate espresso bits.
-gap pajama bottoms.
-handmade lemon sorbet lip balm.
-anna's new acting class.
-when ben holds his puppy dog stuffed animal and pretends it is licking my face.
-pink geraniums.
-dolphins swimming near our dock.
-the way my dad misses ben when he's at school.
-watching josh make a big run during a football game.
-reading the book kisses from katie and feeling like love is everything.
-when anna takes pictures.
-talking to tricia all morning long.
-when ben brings home school work and his smiles while i gush over it.
-no homework.
-cool, crisp mornings.
-clean sheets and a stack of books next to my bed.
-knowing that i made a friend smile by writing something mushy about her on fb.

these little things...they all add up.
happiness is all around us.
notice it.
look for it.
make a list if you need to.
even in our darkest days, happiness is close by.


mom said...

Love when you post about family and friends!It makes me feel needed!

Kate Eschbach said...

good stuff, beautiful lady.

Dee D said...

i love this...such goodness. love and hugs to you today! xoxo