Saturday, July 12, 2008

lots to share

i've been officially put in my place.

my mom called me and shamed me for not blogging yesterday. i missed a day. the horror. the shame. i'm sorry.

to make up for it, i've got a ton of pictures to share.
starting with thursday. for some reason, the car has become a fun place to snap a few pics while we wait for josh. here are a couple of cuties.

john's truck needed some work done on it. so while we waited for john, josh and i experimented with taking some really close-up pics. i thought they looked kinda neat, especially the one of josh's eyes.

friday i stayed home with the boys and we had a fun and relaxing day. to keep busy, josh pulled out his castle and let ben play too. they had so much fun together and josh giggled at everything ben did.

i taught josh how to use my canon and this is what he's been taking pictures of:
anna jumping rope (or trying to),

ben crawling (or trying to),

and can you guess this last one?

it's a tennis ball that he shoved in his underwears just for fun! but of course!

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