Thursday, December 4, 2008

my big boy

every thursday morning is ben's pt (that's physical therapy for you non-disabled types).

mrs. jeannie comes over and works with ben, helping him with his gross motor skills.

right now he's learning how to stand assisted, and is starting to cruise along by himself.

in fact, seeing him stand all by himself is all i want for christmas this year.

look who is getting close, really close. look at my big boy.

this morning i had tears in my eyes as we all clapped and praised him.

it was a good, good morning.


nana said...

Ben you made Nana cry! You certainly are a big boy. Keep up the good work and lets be walking or standing by Christmas! Love to all Nana.

Kelli said...

Go Ben!!

Jody said...

Yea Ben! How precious!

keeper of the chocolates said...

Ben is just beautiful, and so is your sweet family :)