Saturday, January 3, 2009

ordinary day

today was just an ordinary day.
again, we mostly stayed in our pajamas and hung out.

i made my favorite black bean chili. yummy!

josh, of course, hates it and cried all through dinner.

we watched football and played around on the floor.
lots of giggling and wrestling and all around goofiness.

none of the kids wanted to go to bed, but when it's 8pm, they all know the drill.
i'm very thankful for our routine.

i got a fitness magazine in the mail yesterday (a big hint from john). and we all tried to do some of the C-R-A-Z-Y exercises in it. it was hilarious, but also kind of sad.

so i'm going to try then again tomorrow.
if i can even walk!

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Unknown said...

Your food makes me hungry.. still craving one of your the this looks amazing!! Happy New Year to you and the family..join Facebook so I can talk to ya more. Miss ya-Sandee ps. everyone says "hi".