Thursday, March 19, 2009

don't hate me 'cause i'm organized!

here's my latest project.
organizing the overflowing kitchen cabinet that we keep our spices and oils and stuff in.

we also keep medicines and vitamins here too.
i wish i had a taken a before picture.
it was so crazy stuffed in here, i couldn't even fit one more bottle of children's tylenol up there without other things falling down on me.

i went to walmart and picked up these plastic bins for $1 each.
granted they are not the prettiest things ever, but they were cheap enough and the right size. then i organized and threw away one whole trash bag full of stuff!
made easy labels from leftover scrapbooking stuff and tied them on with cute ribbon.
nothing fancy.

but now when i open this cabinet, i feel so much better.
and we can actually find stuff too!
imagine that.

i'm on a roll really.
here are a couple of other cabinets i organized too.

and if you've actually kept reading about my ridiculous cabinet reorganization, then i reward you with some random but cute kid pics.

pics of the kids always keep you coming back!


...Nancy said...

great job...i need to do this!

nana said...

Looks good Amy! Josh i love the toothless wonder pic! Anna you look adorable and Ben you're just down right cute! Love to all,Nana

lindsey said...

wow! i love the organization! and i also liked looking through your cabinets - its like looking through a catalog - you have really pretty dishes!

Chris said...

Wow! You're a girl after my own heart! We could totally be friends! Love everything! Kids are adorable, by the way!