Monday, April 27, 2009

all about anna

this afternoon, as i pulled into the driveway, anna told me, "mommy, i want to be a vegetarian when i grow up."
"really?" i said. "you only want to eat vegetables? that's good for you!"
"NO mommy, i want to take care of animals!!"
and that, in a nutshell, is my anna.

today is anna's special day. at 3:31 am she turned five years old.
i'm officially floored. i can't believe five years have past since she came into this world.

her birth was fast and furious. she came au naturel, with no medication whatsoever!
and a couple hours later, i was up taking a shower and i felt like i could have run a marathon.

she cooed and made little noises all day long on her first day of life. i could not believe i had a daughter. still can't.

and now we're best friends. and i love her so fiercely and so completely that i can't talk about it without getting emotional.

happy birthday my little monkey, my chicken little, my sweetie pumpkin.
i love you so much. and i know you know.


...Nancy said...

...happy birthday to Anna! :-)
So, does this conclude birthday season for a little while?
...will be thinking of you from the beach this week! Nancy

nana said...

Anna Jean I can't believe it myself that you're five and will be going to school in August! When i looked at the pics of you i remember ,like it was yesterday, that i gave you your first bath when you came home from the hospital. Poppy and i just made it in the nick of time so we could stay with Josh when daddy took mommy to the hospital! We love you so much and we hope you had a great B-day! Love to all,Nana