Wednesday, April 29, 2009

amazing transformations

once again, the blogosphere has been amazing me.
y'all know how much i love to decorate and transform things, right?
and y'all definitely know how much i drive john crazy with all my ideas and plans.

so prepare to be amazed by some of the best i've found recently.

first up, mrs. darby's pretty incredible bathroom redo. click to see the entire post.

where do you start with something that looks like this?? (personally, i'd run away screaming)

but she stuck to her guns and made it into something pretty and dare i say, neutral.

that's one creative alabama girl for ya!

up next, alyssa from resolved2worship's kitchen redo.
her goal: do not spend more than $10 to update an entire kitchen.

please, please, PLEASE go to her page and look at each and every picture. you will not want to miss it. i'm still looking at everything all over again and getting ideas.

before (not too bad, just tired looking):

and the after (deserves two pics, probably more):

last one. i promise. but it's another good one.
do you guys follow layla's blog? oh, she's good. and thrifty. and of course, she's another alabama girl.

here's her $82 fireplace makeover. supremely clever. how in the world did she do this for only $82?

someone, please get her her own show.
we'll wait.


and after:

i lied. last one.
i totally forgot about edie's kitchen.
it's turqoise and cottagey and full of southern charm
if i met edie, i bet she'd be just like her kitchen. oozing with goodness and made up of stuff i like. i love her blog and i adore her relationship with God. but that has nothing to do with her kitchen. ok, take a lookie.


and after all dressed up and cute like:

the last pic is really a tease. because i want you to go to her blog and read more about her. especially the post about southern women. it's hilarious.

so this is what i do at night, when i should be folding clothes or loading the dishwasher. i'm reading about other people's lives and looking at pictures of other people's accomplishments.

but isn't it inspiring?! and hey, wait, aren't you doing that too, while you are here??!!

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