Thursday, April 30, 2009

beach trip part 1

we live about 6 hours from the gulf of mexico.
it's a long, long ride, but usually filled with much excitement, special goodies to eat and lots of movies.

a little more than half way there, we stopped at priester's pecans.
it's an old timey place kind of like cracker barrel, but with big barrels of all different kinds of pecans.
we all sampled the pecans (of course) and had some homemade ice cream.

one of the neat things about this place is the mulch. look closely. it's really pecan shells.

when we finally made it, the kids wanted to go to the beach. never mind that it was dusk and getting cold and windy.

they just had to see the ocean. i understand that.

ben has been to the beach before as a baby. so you can imagine his surprise when he saw the ocean for the first time (again).

i love this picture, even with the messy face and boogers. we were all laughing at his expression.

there was a wedding on the beach and we got there right as they were finishing up their pictures. i thought these poles they had set up were beautiful.

the kids went right to sleep when we got back and i sat on the deck for a while listening to the band from the wedding a couple houses in front of us. when the band took a break, i could hear the ocean surf tumbling. it was heavenly.

{tomorrow, beach trip part 2) ____________________________________________________________________________

josh's school is closed due to two possible cases of the swine flu. they are cleaning the entire school and it won't reopen until the end of next week. scary stuff. anna's bday party is supposed to be this saturday. should i still have it? i guess we'll have to listen to the news tonight and see if they know anything more. so many people are freaking out about this, but then again, so many people are laughing about this. i don't really know what to think, but it is scary when they close school for an entire week!

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