Friday, May 22, 2009


this is my 250th post.
is that for real? wow.

today was josh's end of the year party at school.
he has three and a half days left of first grade.
then he's a SECOND GRADER. (cue the sappy music and bring me the tissues!)

we went to his awards ceremony and post-awards party this morning.
josh received an award for excellence in reading comprehension.
i don't really get that one (he's struggled with that a bunch this year), but he was super smiley and happy anyway.

his teacher, mrs. gibson, is super prego. only six weeks to go.
isn't her dress adorable? i should have taken a pic of her cutey shoes. she wouldn't have minded.

i was room mom so i really got to know some of the kids.
they are hilarious.
one of the girls even hugged me today and told me "goodbye mom!"
she was my field trip buddy and we bonded. :)

it's been a long day, so check out josh's day in pictures.
think fun crafts, face painting, sidewalk chalk, a big rainbow parachute, and bubbles.

it's been a wonderful year for our josh.
i'm so proud of all he's accomplished and all he's become.

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nana said...

You're not the only one proud of Josh! Nana and Poppy are very proud of him too! Great job buddy and what a pretty teacher you had Mr Josh! We can't believe he's a second grader already! Miss Anna congrats to you too our little miss kindergardener! Love from poppyand nana!