Thursday, May 21, 2009

another visit

my friend (and customer) stefanie is in town visiting again.
we worked hard but made some time to bond. with short breaks to eat. a lot. and always with dessert.

so yesterday evening, after doing some damage at my favorite places, the back of my car looked like this

later on, stefanie wanted real, true southern food so we went with hot wings, fries, and

of course, fried dill pickles! (thanks melissa for the suggestion)

stefanie loved them and the wings too.
never mind that we walked around all afternoon with orange finger nails from the hot sauce.

thanks for the super fun girl time stef! i really needed it.
oh and those new bowls look lovely in my kitchen too! :)


...Nancy said... time, I am hanging out with you guys! :-)

meg duerksen said...

i wish that i was doing that tomorrow!
instead i will probably spend lots of time in the yard palnting...avoiding my non-stop children. the first day!
your shopping just sounds so much better. AND hot wings? wow.

and house IS a mess.
all the time.

mommaof4wife2r said...

oh my goodness...what is a fried dill pickle? fried is awesome...add dill pickle...and it's gotta be good!