Monday, June 15, 2009

before i forget

i need to remember some things before i forget them.
the kids are so crazy funny that i find myself scrambling to try to remember things they've said or done.

here's a few from today:

on our way to the grocery store, anna asked me if we were going to the dairy section. she said "there are a couple sections we can go to. the meat section, which is cold, the fruits and vegetables, which are really good for us, and the dairy section, which is kinda good for us, but VERY cold."

anna has made some new friends at summer camp.
"my new best friend is victoria and my other new best friend...well, she has a hard name to say and i just don't remember what it is exactly."

josh got upset when i was telling him that anna had the sweetest cheeks when she was a little baby.
"did i have big cheeks too?"
"no baby, you only had big eyes."
"awwwe, that's not fair!"
i tried to assure him, "but you had big eyes just like me!"
"oh," he said, "yeah, that's even better."

anna was sad at camp when she had no one to play with on the moon bounce.
"i cried a little, but don't worry mommy. josh found me and played with me. because he's my big brother."

my heart just sang. how did i get so lucky with these children??

they are growing so fast. it seems like our lives have been a mere flash since they we born.

raising children is certainly difficult. but it's also one of the greatest honors i've ever been given. and it certainly is just that--a gift.


mommaof4wife2r said...

cutest kids...great momma!

...Nancy said...

Amy, did I tell you today - I love your blog! ;-) my girl...for reals

...Nancy said...

oh...and i took a trip down blog-o-memory-lane. remember this beauty from last year:
~~~how's the riding going?~~~