Sunday, June 14, 2009

short weekend

i guess you could say i'm experiencing writer's block.
there's so much i could write about, but my mind is consistently blank.
i went to my camera to give me some material.
bear with me with the randomness...

the timeout chair has certainly seen it's fair share of action this weekend.
anna spent a lot of time in it on saturday for not keeping her hands to herself.

sometimes i wish i could put buck in time out.
he's the mouth of the south. for reals.

josh learned a new card game at camp this week.
he can guess what card you pick in a sneaky, almost magical way.
i would say he's about 85% accurate.
and he thinks he's DA BOMB.

a few weeks ago i bought this shirt for ben because he IS my little monkey.
and i love his dimples so much.
i only kiss them about 500 times a day.

this morning i watched the rain through the window.
my little garden is growing nicely.
we should have our first tomatos in a couple weeks. my friend at work always says you're a good southern gardener if you can eat your first homegrown tomato by the 4th of july. i think they'll be ready by then.
and my hydrangeas are growing like crazy too.

josh and anna actually played together this morning for hours on end.
they played with anna's pixos and played store too.
i enjoyed every second of it.
it was really like old times for them.

before the rains came, josh and i picked this bouquet for my kitchen table.
makes me smile and it so classic and pretty.
note to self: plant more hydrangeas.
they are my fave flower (even had them at my wedding). for reals (again).

and just so jason knows and to properly document it, john took a super long nap this morning.
he claims he never gets to nap.

i'm sure i'll be in big trouble when john sees this.
ok, just for the record, i took a nap this morning too. for reals.

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