Tuesday, September 1, 2009


it's a little past 9pm and i'm just finishing up making three dozen cupcakes.

i'm not really complaining though.
they are for a small bday celebration for a good friend who has done the same for me.
i hope she's super surprised--and hungry!

i feel like i've been in hyperspeed mode all day.
work was really busy and it's going to continue like this for a while.
i left about an hour after i planned to and was racing everywhere.
luckily, i texted my friend about anna's dance tonight and she reminded me that anna's dance is now moved to thursday nights!
thank goodness one of us has our heads on straight.
so instead of rushing to dance, anna and i went and picked her out some new dance shoes and a new twirly skirt.
then we picked up dinner and went to josh's practice to keep ben company.
i wish i had brought my camera. ben was so funny running everywhere and being so happy.
anna was running around with all the little sisters and josh was trying to tell me, while in the middle of a scrimmage, that he has another loose tooth.

the wind was cool and the light was perfect.
fall feels like it's in the air now.

please hurry fall. hurry, and bring the pumpkins and the mums, the apple cider, the long lazy saturdays full of football games, the rustling of leaves, and the brisk mornings.
i am patiently waiting.

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...Nancy said...

the week was so crazy, i just know had time to get my blog fix.
thank you soooooo much for the cupcakes, they were VERY good. :-)