Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ladies night

i just wanna say, right here and now, that i am a very lucky woman.
i am very lucky to have found some amazing friends.
our girls group has been together for over 7 years now and even though we all move in many different directions, when we meet once a month to hang out, it's just good fun.
and i need it. i really need nights like tonight.

we had lots of wine, good food, and lots of laughs.

{nicole-you did good hiding in this one! it just like susan's head is on your body!}

now don't go sqwaking at me girls, about how these pics aren't the best or most flattering.
who cares? it's really much more about the memories we made and the fun times together.

and tricia, my soul sista, thank you for going to the mac counter with me.
yes, that lady with the purple eyeshadow was scary.
but shannon at bobbi brown was totally normal and i think we look hawt! (check out my new eyeliner--i feel so grown up!)

i always have the MOST fun with you. hugs to my sista!

there were some of you girls that didn't make it tonight or maybe have been thinking that you don't need girls night anymore.
or maybe you're across the pond in a far away country being all professional and european and all.
we really miss you!
we're painting glass christmas ornaments next month (taking a big break from pokerkeeno!).
please try and come. we really missed you tonight!

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